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The Story of Point Break

In a rad coastal town in Florida, a couple lived for riding waves, and we wanted to take our stoke beyond the beach. So, we decided to open an online shop where we'd create killer surf-inspired gear and home decor for our tribe.

With salty hair and waves as our muse, we set out to capture the surf lifestyle. Our shop is a sanctuary for ocean lovers, decked out with sun-bleached boards on the walls and tees that celebrate wave riding. Every piece we make tells a story of freedom, adventure, and the surfer spirit.

Our shop isn't just a business; it is a hub for a tight surf crew, a place where sea-loving souls find friends and express their ocean obsession. We ride the business waves with the same passion as the ocean waves, creating a legacy that surfers will dig for generations. That's the story of us, turning dreams into reality and bringing the soul of the sea to every surfer's life.

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